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Radek & Sebastian company located in Zduńska Wola offers the restoration services for old cars including Italian ones.
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Old cars have their souls and the sounds of their engines can be a real pleasure to the ears of aficionados. Unfortunately, as the time goes by cars deteriorate and lose their old charm. Fortunately, the restoration process may give your car a new life and make it look great again. Every day we help old cars to regain their pristine beauty. Before our eyes they turn into elegant, fully functional and extremely attractive automobiles.

Restoration of old cars

We provide professional restoration services for cars of all makes and years of manufacture. We carry out renovations of old cars in Zduńska Wola, Łódź Voivodeship but we collaborate with customers across Europe. Our company was established by three brothers who had been car enthusiasts since their childhood.

Why do we recommend to entrust us with the restoration of your car? 

  • Rich experience – we have been restoring the cars for 10 years now. During that period we gained broad experience and carried out tens of restorations and each order we have performed is a new lesson which has helped us to develop our skills.
  • Work done with passion – restoration of classic cars is not just our job but also our passion. It gives us a lot of pleasure and fulfils our aspirations so we never do it in an “automatic” way. On the contrary, we love what we do.
  • End-to-end car restoration – restoration of old and classic cars is carried out in a very precise manner. We take time to repair each even the smallest part of your car to ensure both its perfect appearance and full functionality.
  • Excellent tooling – we boast state-of-the-art tools which allow us to carry out event most demanding and precise repairs

We love challenges. We believe nothing is impossible in car restoration. Everything is just a matter of time and commitment. With car restoration we can bring your car to the like-new condition so that you can enjoy it for many years.

If you want to have your car restored, please contact us. We will make all our efforts to make your car look brand new.

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We offer old car repair services including comprehensive restoration of car interiors and all car systems. Check our detailed offer and see what we can do.

Car restoration – scope of services