Scope of services

Our services

We offer old car repair services including comprehensive restoration of car interiors and all car systems. Check our detailed offer and see what we can do.

Car restoration is a very demanding and time-consuming process which, however, can produce spectacular effects. If carried out accurately and in a tailored manner the repair of an old car can make your dreams of having a well maintained classic car come true. We are specialized in restoration of even most damaged cars and we know that the job requires to have your heart in it but the final effects can be astonishing.

Car restoration – scope of services

We do both partial and end-to-end restoration of old cars. The services we offer include:

  • Renovation of car interior – we subcontract the car interior repair and renovation to the proven upholstery companies which restore the original appearance of all the car interior parts according to our order.
  • Repair of engine and other systems – we disassemble the car to bring it to the frame-off condition or replace individual parts so as to restore the full functionality of the vehicle and get the original engine sound.
  • Body car restoration – we provide auto body repairs and apply new varnish coats to make your car look as if it has just the production line.

What cars are accepted for restoration?

We are able to restore any car. Our operations are meant to rescue old cars from oblivion as many of them can rejuvenate again because we believe all defects can be repaired if the car is handled by an experienced and skilful professional. We are open to collaboration with customers across Europe. Before each restoration we examine the condition of the car and assess the time necessary for the restoration.

We restore both old models of the bygone era and classic automobiles. The restoration time is around 6 months to 2 years depending on the model and the original condition. Each car requires an individual approach and attention to details which makes the operations spread in time.

We are able to make even an extremely ruined car perfect. In each case we make all our efforts to discover the potential of your car put it “back on its wheels” again.